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The divide

The gender gap isn’t getting better. It’s getting worse. Explore the data to find out why.

There are 7.6 billion people on this planet
and more than half of us
live in Asia Pacific .
In Japan, that’s
Sure, the numbers look similar.
But we are far from equal
In a 2017 study about life at home & work,
we uncovered data
about the way we think we live
and how we actually do .

1 in 5 men don't believe in equality at work.

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It doesn’t sound like a lot…

...but that’s over 215,000,000 people.

Almost double the population of Japan.

Numbers like this are why so many women don't see a future in the workplace.

In Indonesia, this is up to


(Ages 25-34)

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Among women who do see a future, 70% would rather start a company than work for one.

(Ages 25-34)

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And in Japan, 63% of unemployed women don’t think they have an equal chance of getting hired.

(Unemployed women)

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Most men don’t think there is a problem...

In Korea, 78% of working men don't see an issue with equal access to jobs.

(Working men)

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But almost 40% of women do.

(Working women)

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This split in perception is growing at home, too.

Men think they share double the housework women say they do.


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And only a third of them actually scrub, clean, or vacuum at all.


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When men become dads, they feel even less responsibility.

Housework drops by


(Difference between APAC married men with and without children)

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And in Japan, 38% of men leave the raising of their children to their partner.


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Let’s close the gender gap

The first step in solving the problem is understanding the data behind it.

Now you can explore the statistics, too.

Data Explorer

Insights from studies like this help us find opportunities to shape Google’s Womenwill programs – from increasing digital literacy in India, to empowering women in the workplace in Japan.

With Womenwill, we can close the gender gap.

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